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Business Closures

Business Closures data reports on companies that have permanently stopped operations. By leveraging dynamic online sources and third-party data sources, the data alerts you to distressed businesses in near real-time.


Traditional data providers report business closures with high latency, leaving lenders vulnerable to increased risk or fraud in the interim. Enigma aggregates online and third-party reports of business closures, to capture business closings as they happen week-to-week. With access to low-latency business closure data, lenders can take timely actions to reduce their risk exposure.

How to use this data

Business closures data can inform both risk and growth-driven processes. For credit risk monitoring, you can identify recent closures amongst businesses in your portfolio, enabling you to address related loans or line of credits. Marketing teams can also leverage this data to increase campaign ROI by ensuring their campaigns only target leads that are still operating.

Dataset Details

Key Fields
For each business we return the following data: Status (Open or Closed), Confidence Score (likeliness of the business being closed), Last Updated (when this information was last refreshed).
Publicly available information on business listing and review websites. We also include data from third-party sources.
Data Derivation Method
We train a number of NLP models to detect leading indicators of a business’s permanent closure across online sources.
Refresh Rate
Every 2 - 3 weeks.
Beta Coverage: Geography
United States
Beta Coverage: Industry
Service-based businesses, including local and professional services, as well as businesses with brick and mortar locations, such as restaurants and storefronts. We currently do not support franchises and chains.
Beta Coverage: Business count
~62 million
Beta Coverage: Dates
Coverage is limited to current operating status. At this time we do not return data on past operating statuses.
Planned Coverage and Roadmap
We’ll be introducing an improved closure detection algorithm in July 2020.
$0.34 per call. Volume discounts available.
Bankruptcies, WARN Act Notifications, Government Contracts

Sample API output

{ ... "operating_status": { "status": "CLOSED", "confidence_score" : 0.85, "last_updated": "2020-03-20T00:00:00Z" } }

Businesses are currently closing at an unprecedented rate. We’re able to leverage online reports in order to capture these closures as they happen near real-time.

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