Data Attribute Profile

Card Transactions Stability

Card Transactions Stability data provides a strong indication of a business’s stability. The data reports on how frequently a business is receiving credit or debit card transactions over a one-month, three-month, or twelve-month period. Built from a panel of more than 750 million anonymized credit and debit cards, this data covers more than 16 million U.S. business locations.


The consistency of purchases at a business is a strong indicator of stability. Enigma’s Card Transactions Stability data enables you to understand the distribution of card transactions at a business over time. View how many days, weeks, or months saw purchases at a business within a given time period.

How to use this data

Card Transactions Stability data enables risk and underwriting teams to better understand the distribution and frequency of credit and debit card transactions at a business. This provides a strong signal on the stability of a business and its risk potential. A drop in stability can indicate an increased likelihood of business distress and/or delinquency events. This data can also be used to better understand the seasonality of a business’s revenue.

Sample API output

{ "card_transaction_stability" : { "end_date": "2020-08-31", "date_accessible": "2020-11-15", "1m": { "start_date": "2020-08-01", "days_present": 25, "weeks_present": 3, "months_present": 1, "daily_coverage_ratio": 0.8064, "weekly_coverage_ratio": 0.75, "monthly_coverage_ratio": 1 }, "3m": { "start_date": "2020-06-01", "days_present": 61, "weeks_present": 6, "months_present": 3, "daily_coverage_ratio": 0.6777, "weekly_coverage_ratio": 0.5, "monthly_coverage_ratio": 0.6667 }, "12m": { "start_date": "2019-09-01", "days_present": 110, "weeks_present": 15, "months_present": 4, "daily_coverage_ratio": 0.3013, "weekly_coverage_ratio": 0.2884, "monthly_coverage_ratio": 0.3333 } } }