Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer | Business data and intelligence | Enigma

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

Our Data Infrastructure is the factory that converts hundreds of sources of raw data on small and medium businesses (SMBs) into actionable intelligence for decision makers to provide credit, insurance and other services to SMBs.  In today’s environment, where millions of SMBs in the United States are struggling, our mission has never been more important.

What does our data infrastructure team do?

  • Synthesizes billions of records from hundreds of different data sources
  • Identifies common businesses in these billions of records (entity resolution)
  • Runs dozens of calculators to extract signal on each business’ growth, health and continuity risk

Why is this challenging?

  • Entity resolution is a hard problem and we’re continuously tuning our algorithms and experimenting with new methods
  • Data freshness and accuracy are critical.  We maintain reliability and quality while operating at a large scale
  • The world is always changing--we’re continuously adding new data sources and calculators to provide better intelligence on SMBs

What makes this job interesting?

  • Technical Challenge - You will be building and extending a sophisticated data pipeline with predictive models embedded at multiple stages.  You’ll need to simultaneously balance system reliability, rigorous data quality requirements and an ambitious forward development plan.
  • Ownership - The Data Infrastructure team has solved many problems.  And yet there are more open questions than closed ones.  We love people who bring new ideas and show us how to make our data more powerful.
  • Stability - Enigma has secured ample funding for the next phase of our product development.  We provide large, stable clients with specialized capabilities essential for their business operations.

This job is probably right for you if you:

  • Know Spark inside and out.  Optimizing Spark code and cluster configuration is second nature.   You can quickly reason about and diagnose unexpected issues.
  • Thrive on small, focused and highly collaborative teams
  • Pride yourself on writing highly readable, thoroughly tested code (we use PySpark)
  • Constantly question how things are done and use evidence to convince people to try different approaches
  • Reflexively test and measure your results
  • Are driven to unlock the potential of data to positively impact the real world

About Us:

At Enigma, we’re building the single, most reliable source of data on Small Businesses to power the future of SMB financial services. By engineering better data from hundreds of public and third-party sources, we aim to tell the complete story of every business, so that companies of every size can access the financial services they need to grow and thrive. Our core values - generosity, curiosity, ingenuity, & drive - guide everything we do from how we make our most important product decisions to how we work with and support one another on a daily basis. We’re a team of curious, driven individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills, but we’re all passionate about engineering deeper understanding through data—together. If this resonates with you, we would love to hear from you!