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Corporate Registrations

Verify small business applicants with detailed corporate registrations data that reduces risk and manual processes.


Enigma's detailed Corporate Registrations data delivers authoritative verification information on more small businesses than traditional data providers. We surface all possible registration details and address information for a given business, enabling you to reconcile applicant-provided information, onboard applicants more quickly, and deliver better customer experiences.

How to use this data

Our Corporate Registrations data serves as a single source for all state registrations data, eliminating the need for onboarding teams to manually search multiple state databases. Integrate this data into your KYB and onboarding processes to increase efficiency without compromising your verification compliance standards.

Dataset details

Key fields
business_name, is_domestic, mailing_address, registered_agent_address, registered_business_address, site_address
Secretary of State records obtained both directly from states and through third parties.
Data derivation method
We standardize and reconcile corporate registrations data from all 50 states’ web portals.
Beta coverage: geography
Beta coverage: count
52,000,000+ current and historical corporate registrations.
Beta coverage: date range
Registrations date back to 2000.
$0.56 per API call. Get in touch to request a free demo/trial of the attribute.
Related attributes of interest
Business Verification, Industry Classification

Sample API Details

{ "corporate_registration_details": [ { "is_domestic": "foreign", "site_address": "ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC., 245 5TH AVENUE, 17TH FLOOR,NEW YORK,NEW YORK,10016", "business_name": "ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.", "mailing_address": "245 5TH AVENUE, 17TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10016, UNITED STATES", "state_jurisdiction": "DE", "registered_agent_address": "245 5TH AVENUE, 17TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY, 10016", "registered_business_address": "245 5TH AVENUE, 17TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10016, UNITED STATES" } ]}

The ability to validate that a business name and address match the Secretary of State details maximizes confidence in business legitimacy and minimizes KYC risk.

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