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Actionable COVID-19 signals for small business lenders

With the COVID-19 crisis, lenders need dynamic SMB data more than ever. To drive smarter risk mitigation and credit decisioning, Enigma is building near real-time health and risk signals about how small businesses are operating today.
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Accelerate PPP applicant processing

Access applicant eligibility data to verify businesses that qualify for Paycheck Protection Program loans and safely speed up overall applicant processing.

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Identify distress

Mitigate risk exposure and potential losses by leveraging information related to business viability, including business closures, bankruptcies, imports, and WARN layoff notices.

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Surface signs of resiliency

Find positive business health indicators such as government contracts and shipping imports, as well as industry-specific stability signals, such as a restaurant’s take-out and delivery capabilities.

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Portfolio Monitoring

Insights for proactive risk management

Get complete visibility into the liability and health of every small business in your portfolio, to identify developing risk and take action when needed.

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Critical intelligence for applicant decisioning

Leverage insights on new business creditworthiness to surface well-positioned industries, identify healthy applicants, and reduce overall risk exposure.