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Government Contracts

Government Contracts data details publicly-logged contracts that companies have secured with city, state, or federal government agencies. By representing billions of dollars in precommitted revenue, government contracts are a leading indicator of small business resiliency that lenders can trust.


Any time a government agency hires a private company, the agency must publicly document the reason and contract value. These contracts detail a range of government spending, from city playgrounds to federal defense procurement. When a small business secures a government contract, this is a clear sign of business stability or growth.

How to use this data

Leverage government contracts data for any process that benefits from the identification of healthy small businesses. For credit risk monitoring, government contracts signify that a customer is likely to be lower risk. In prospecting workflows you can target businesses with government contracts to ensure you reach more qualified leads.

Dataset details

Key Fields
At an aggregate level, we provide the locations (governments), total_number, and total_value of all contracts the business was awarded each year. For each contract, we provide the location, agency_name, amount, description, start_date, and end_date.
Authoritative city, state, and federal government sources on spending and vendor contracts
Data Derivation Method
Contract details are direct from various sources. Annual aggregates are calculated by counting and summing all contracts received in a given year.
Refresh Rate
Our data refreshes within days of a source update. Each government data source updates at different intervals, ranging from daily to annually. New York City contracts are refreshed daily.
Beta Coverage: Geography
Federal, New Jersey, New York City
Beta Coverage: Business Count
Beta Coverage: Date Range
2003-01-02 – Present
Planned Coverage and Roadmap
We are actively expanding our coverage to every state by July 2020. Coverage is prioritized by city and state population size, as well as by relative COVID-19 impact.
To support lenders as they respond to COVID-19 challenges, Enigma is providing this attribute for free until June 1, 2020.
Get in touch to learn about small business risk signals including business closures, WARN Act notifications, and bankruptcies.

Sample API output

{ "government_contracts": { "details": [ { "amount": 1000000, "end_date": "2021-07-31", "location": "FL", "start_date": "2018-08-01", "agency_name": "Health Manufcaturing", "description": "COVID-19 Ventilator production." }, { "amount": 7300000, "location": "USA", "start_date": "2020-01-01", "agency_name": "Public Safety", "description": "N-95 Masks." }, { "amount": 650000, "location": "New York, NY", "start_date": "2020-02-01", "agency_name": "Health Goods", "description": "N-95 Masks." } ], "aggregate": [ { "year": "2018", "locations": [ "FL" ], "total_value": 1000000, "total_number": 1 }, { "year": "2020", "locations": [ "USA", "New York, NY" ], "total_value": 7950000, "total_number": 2 } ] }}

Government Contracts are some of the richest data on small businesses. Nearly every government in America publishes them with amounts and descriptions, allowing the public to get a sense of a business’s resiliency, revenue, and activities.

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