Data for KYB and Business Verification

Verify U.S. businesses in real time

To provide the best onboarding and verification solutions for your customers, you need timely, accurate data. Enigma’s comprehensive business data powers many of the top identity verification and KYB solutions, lifting verification rates by 30% over traditional data sources.

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Business Verification

Real-time data to power business verification and KYB solutions

Enigma combines hundreds of publicly available data sources, including corporate registration records, to provide instant verification of U.S. businesses.

We use only trusted sources and maintain data transparency, with no PII, to ensure you can help your customers meet compliance requirements. Enigma can lift match rates by over 30% for corporate registrations and other KYB criteria compared to traditional data providers.

Why Enigma?

Enigma provides a comprehensive profile for every U.S. small and medium business. Each profile includes key information about business health and identity. For businesses that accept card payments, Enigma provides accurate revenue and growth data, built directly from the largest panel of U.S. credit card transactions in the market.

Explore our full catalog of data attributes here.

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Help customers reduce manual onboarding

Enigma can generate more than 30% more valid matches than the competition, using trusted and legitimate sources.


Instant verification, without PII

Enigma provides key verification data through our API in real time, without using any PII.

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Exclusive data sources provide an edge

Enigma’s proprietary merchant transaction data helps confirm the presence of a legitimate operating business.

Access trusted sources, including:

Corporate Registrations
State-level corporate registrations, with full details.
Licenses to Conduct Business
Government-issued licenses to conduct business. Can include construction licenses, firearm licenses, and other government licenses.
Public Financing
Can include SBA loans, UCC loans, Economic Injury and Disaster Loans (EIDL), and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.
Online Activity
Includes activity from websites, ecommerce, directories and more.
Card Transaction Data
Exclusive to Enigma. Card transactions at a business, based on 750 million credit and debit cards representing over 40% of all US card transactions.
Public Documentation of Compliance
Includes tax returns (such as IRS Form 5500), contracts, import and export records, bankruptcy filings, inspections, WARN Act notifications, and more.