Marketing Prospect Qualification

Target the small businesses that will be your best customers.

Increase campaign ROI by enriching your prospect lists with data that signals small business product eligibility, ability to pay, and willingness to pay.

Make your marketing budget count by prioritizing the right prospects for your product.

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Identify qualified prospects

Improve your qualification models and optimize campaign targeting by getting the signals you need on product eligibility, willingness to pay, and ability to pay.

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A single alternative source

Connect to a single point of integration that leverages hundreds of offline and online sources to deliver all of the standard and next generation firmographics you need.

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Unmatched SMB coverage

Access fresh, reliable data on small businesses with under $5M in annual revenue so you can confidently segment and prioritize prospects.

Table displaying key attributes for marketing use case data, including business, revenue, industry and web presence.
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