Onboarding & KYB

Expedite SMB verification and onboarding.

Manual onboarding processes don’t help you or your customers. Enigma’s data helps you streamline small business customer onboarding and reduce risk.

Match on over 25% more businesses, and convert more customers

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Accurate Verification

We use authoritative, validated sources to build our attributes and scores for business verification and Know Your Business. We match at higher rates and more accurately verify businesses across US industries and geographies, compared to legacy providers.

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Assured Scoring

Our scores represent our degree of confidence in an SMB’s authenticity, fraud risk, and operational risk. Scores are based on source quality, data freshness, data footprint, and business activity.

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Transparent Models

For each attribute, we explain both the data sources and the score methodology used to build the attribute.

The data you need to onboard small businesses with confidence.

Data Attribute
Enigma's confidence that a business exists and is in good standing; computed using several verification components: data freshness, footprint, source and business activity; [0 -1]. This is a decision attribute.
A detailed breakdown of the industries and sub-industries that a business belongs to, based on Enigma’s industry taxonomy. Equivalent to a 4-6 digit NAICS code. Can signal how a business is impacted by the current economic environment.
A list of addresses associated with the business.
All variants of the company name and 'dba' along with the source dataset(s) for each variant.
Associated People
A list of related people and their relation to the matched business.