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Shipping Imports

Enigma Shipping Imports data details which companies are importing goods from different countries. Shipping Imports data can reveal the countries that U.S. businesses rely on for imports, as well as overall growth or contraction of a business’s activity.


Shipping Imports data tells you if a business is dependent on a particular country for goods — essential intel as countries respond differently to COVID-19. Trends in a company’s shipping volumes can also signal whether a business is growing or potentially contracting in activity, providing valuable insight into a business’s overall health.

How to use this data

Integrate Shipping Imports data into your portfolio risk monitoring models: When you know the countries your customers depend on, you can immediately identify increased risk based on scenarios such as sanctions or COVID-19. Likewise, you can track a business’s shipping volumes to monitor how a business fares over time and flag increasing or decreasing shipping activity.

Dataset details

Key Fields
Country_name, period, quantity
Federal Automated Manifest System (AMS)
Data Derivation Method
Data is acquired and matched to the corresponding small businesses. We tie the records to our database of businesses and surface the information with consistent formatting.
Refresh Rate
Coverage: Geography
Coverage: Count
Coverage: Date Range
2019 - Present
$0.09 per API call. Get in touch to request a free demo/trial of the attribute.
Government Contracts, SBA Loans

Sample API output

{ "imports": [ { "period": "2019W01", "quantity": 5, "country_name": "China (Mainland)" }, { "period": "2019W22", "quantity": 2, "country_name": "China (Mainland)" }, { "period": "2020W10", "quantity": 3, "country_name": "China (Mainland)" }, { "period": "2019", "quantity": 56, "country_name": "All" } ]}

Knowing how a business depends on other countries has never been more important. Enigma connects every standard shipping container entering the United States to the business that ordered it.

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