The Future of Work

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Over the past year the ways in which we work changed dramatically. In an instant we all became remote. We had to learn new ways to structure our time, new ways to be productive, and new ways to feel connected to our colleagues. We still struggle in this new way of working and miss the togetherness of being in an office, but we recognize the seismic shift in the way work is done.

At Enigma, we’ve committed to support our employees to the fullest. We spent time listening to the new needs of everyone across the company.

We launched surveys to gather more data about which tools and processes served us well and which needed to go. We consolidated this into a complete picture of how we can support everyone’s needs around remote work. 

How We Got Here

Our approach to how to organize ourselves in this new work environment arose from the trust we have built together. Trust that we have each other's back, that we remain focused, collaborative, and can perform the data science that is our mission, all while being miles and miles apart. This trust has positioned us in a place of strength.

In a sense, the possibility of working remotely from wherever you may choose is liberating. But on the other hand, almost every interaction we have with our colleagues underscores the feeling of how much we miss each other, how there is no comparison to working side by side, in real life

Going Hybrid-Remote 

So how do we balance these things? In our opinion there is an approach that is simply less prescriptive. An approach that embraces autonomy, flexibility, and fundamentally puts our people first by giving them freedom of choice alongside the infrastructure they need. 

What does the future of work look like at Enigma? It starts with a few concrete things:

  • We will always have an office in NYC, large enough to accommodate everyone and open as soon as it is safe to return to work.

  • Anyone can choose to come to the office or be remote; that choice is up to you and we will all strive to support each other equally.

  • Neither choice is binary or set in stone. Go remote for a month if you'd like, get that Airbnb in Barcelona or New Mexico. Go to the office three days a week, even if you're in NYC.

  • If clusters form in new geographies, we will open small offices there to accommodate in-person work. 

Colleagues smile and chat on couches.

That's Not All

A lot more goes into getting this right and supporting the evolution of how we work. Some considerations (there will certainly be more over time as we learn):

  • We will have in-person events for everyone to attend. We are committed to getting together in person multiple times a year and will pay for the travel for those who are remote.

  • We are explicit about our responsibilities towards each other, like the time zones we expect to band around, and expectations that each team recognizes when it is important to get together in-person and travel for certain kinds of work.

  • We recognize that life during COVID and working remotely takes a mental toll. We’ve invested more into employee wellness, both physical and mental, and have made sure that everyone has somewhere where they are "set up" appropriately to work (whether at home or a co-working space near them):*

    • All employees receive a $100 monthly wellness stipend that can be used for continued wellness.

    • All employees enrolled in one of our health care plans receive complimentary membership to One Medical.

    • All employees receive complimentary access to Headspace, Spring Health, Aaptiv, Carrot, and Quit Genius apps.

To sum it up: we will always have an office, but also want to support our employees to plan their lives without strict geographic limitations. We are 100% committed to our team having this freedom at Enigma and invested in making it work for us all.

It's going to be fun. We will have new opportunities and a broader reach. Challenges will arise, but we will work together to redesign the future of work by balancing togetherness and freedom.

We’d love for you to join us. If our vision of the  future of work aligns with yours - check out our open roles.

*All of our benefits and perks won’t fit into this blog post! Learn more about Enigma’s robust benefits and perks.