Finally — accurate data about private businesses.

We provide comprehensive data about the identity and financial health of millions of small and medium businesses. Companies use Enigma’s data to power sales & marketing, onboarding, and risk monitoring.

The most complete data about SMB identity and financial health

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Unmatched small business coverage

We cover the long-tail of SMBs, delivering 95%+ coverage on the businesses our customers care about. Our coverage is continually growing, with new businesses added every month.

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Real revenues, updated monthly

Revenues built from card swipes, not models. Enigma's proprietary panel covers almost half of all U.S. card transactions, giving you visibility into the actual revenues and financial trends of consumer-facing businesses.

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Instant access, no permissions required

Our data can be incorporated into any workflow without friction. Marketing, underwriting, and risk teams can use the same data points to improve the SMB customer journey.

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Sales & Marketing

Build better relationships with the businesses that matter.

Enigma Sales and Marketing is a business data platform built specifically for growth teams at financial services, merchant services, and vertical SaaS companies. Accurate, timely data helps you improve SMB targeting, acquisition, and retention.

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Business verification and onboarding

Streamline onboarding and reduce friction with best-in-class coverage of SMBs. Enigma combines hundreds of publicly available data sources, including corporate registration records, to provide instant verification of U.S. businesses.

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Underwriting and Monitoring

Approve more businesses safely. Flag risks earlier.

Accurate data enables you to assess the financial health and risk level of a business. Be the first to know when a business is rapidly growing or experiencing financial distress.