Business Verification

Enigma Business Verification data confirms the identity and legitimacy of a given business. Our data enables you to verify, onboard, and underwrite more small businesses confidently.


Traditional data and Know Your Business providers offer blackbox verification solutions. Enigma’s transparent and granular data details the methodologies and authoritative sources behind each business’s verification score. Our broad coverage of small businesses allows you to serve more small businesses while reducing overall costs.

How to use this data

Relying on Enigma data as the first point of reference during verification can help you avoid using other more expensive data providers. Our data can help you fully automate your verification decisioning. For manual processes, Enigma’s verification data instantly puts valuable information into the hands of your analysts and underwriters, allowing them to make decisions with confidence.

Sample API output

{ "verification": { "score": 1, "components": { "data_footprint": 0.99, "data_freshness": 1, "source_quality": 1, "business_activity": 1 } }}