Credit Risk Monitoring

Manage risk with near real-time data about small businesses.

Traditional credit bureau data have lost its predictive horsepower, especially in the time of COVID-19. Take back control of your portfolio by monitoring small businesses with Enigma’s leading 
indicators for SMB risk and resiliency.

Move past lagging data to the fresh signals you need today.

Icon representing granular operational insights

Granular industry insights

Know how COVID-19 affects a business’s operations through accurate industry classification and detailed activity data, such as a restaurant’s delivery capabilities.

Icon depicting critical distress signals

Critical distress signals

Monitor business risks and vulnerabilities with rapidly-refreshed data that tracks business closures, bankruptcies, and employee layoffs.

Icon depicting signs of resiliency

Signs of resiliency

Surface positive health indicators such as government contracts or increased shipment volumes to identify SMBs that are more likely to thrive.

Image of data for small business portfolio monitoring

The data you need now, to ensure a healthy portfolio in the future.

Icon depicting triage high risk accounts

Triage high-risk accounts

Our rapidly-refreshing distress signals ensure you take action on high-risk accounts and minimize potential losses.

Icon depicting build targeted products

Build targeted products

With deeper portfolio visibility, you can identify emerging customer needs and develop products that help.

Icon depicting reduce manual research

Reduce manual research

Enigma’s enriched business profiles enable your team to reduce time spent on manual account research.


A former Amex and Kabbage risk leader on SMB Risk and COVID-19