Enrich Your CRM

Find the hidden gems in your CRM.

Enigma enables you to identify the top prospects and customers in your database. Accurate firmographics, growth trends, and monthly revenues ensure you have a clear view of every merchant and card-accepting business.

Abstract image showing columns of enriched business data.

Confidently predict which businesses will be top prospects.

See near-real time revenue and growth of small businesses in your database. Gain a deep understanding of your current customers and identify opportunities to grow relationships.

Image showing $3.5M in incremental revenue
Case Study

Online bank sees 10x ROI

Our customer, a leading online bank, used Enigma's data to enrich their existing database and improve their prioritization model. As a result, they saw improvements leading to an estimated $3.5 million in incremental revenue.

Data to help you acquire your best customers.

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Prospect Enrichment

Enrich your database with granular industries, monthly or annual revenues, and growth rates.

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Lead Scoring

Accurately predict and prioritize the businesses that will be top prospects.

Abstracted leads list.

Sales Prioritization

Identify fast-growing businesses, so your sales team can reach them at the right time.