Marketing and Sales

Accelerate lead generation. Improve ROI.

Small business data goes stale quickly in today’s dynamic environment. Accurate intelligence about the identity and financial health of millions of U.S. businesses helps you find and convert your best customers.

Graphical representation of data flowing into a marketing and sales workflow.

Introducing Discover and Enrich

Marketing and Sales teams deserve the same high-coverage, high-accuracy data used by Risk and Underwriting teams.

We launched Discover and Enrich to make it easy for growth teams to access Enigma’s detailed identity and financial intelligence about card-accepting businesses.

Dynamic data helps your team target the right prospects.

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Database enrichment

Enrich and clean your lead database with rich, monthly-updated data about business identity and financials.

Abstracted leads list.

List generation

Build a list of businesses to target based on the criteria that matters to you, including industry, revenue, growth metrics, and more.

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Lead qualification

Improve qualification and segmentation models for better campaign performance and ROI.


Revenue and growth data based on transactions, not theories.

Other providers estimate a business’s revenue based on its industry and headcount - and they’re often wrong. Enigma provides instant and exclusive access to monthly business revenues, transaction counts, and growth trends, built from a panel of 750 million credit and debit cards.