Risk and Underwriting

Real-time data for better risk decisioning.

Gain early visibility into whether a business is struggling or thriving. Accurate intelligence about the identity and financial health of 16 million+ businesses helps you dynamically manage risk.


Introducing Merchant Transaction Signals.

Enigma provides exclusive access to key business financials, including monthly revenues, transaction volumes, customer counts, and growth trends. Built from a panel of 750 million anonymized cards, our insights are refreshed every month.

Low-lag and high-coverage data helps you accurately assess risk.


Predict default likelihood

Our customers have found definitive splitting power in predicting delinquencies.


Set smarter credit limits

Richer data improves your initial credit limits and loan amounts, while monthly updates monitor changes in risk.


Streamline pre-approvals

Access monthly card revenues and transactions without requesting bank statements or waiting on applicant forms.