Sales and Marketing

Build relationships with the SMBs that matter.

Enigma Sales and Marketing is a comprehensive data platform powering better targeting, segmentation, and engagement of your SMB accounts. Dynamic data helps you reduce wasted spend and accelerate growth across the full SMB customer acquisition journey.

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Real revenues, growth, operating status and contact data for you to get ahead

Introducing Enigma’s Sales and Marketing for growth teams at financial services, merchant services, and vertical SaaS companies. Teams use our data platform to:

1. Refine their ideal customer profile (ICP)

2. Optimize inbound qualification & outbound lead generation

3. Improve customer growth strategies

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Discover and engage with your best prospects from our nationwide database of more than 30 million businesses.

Build segments based on unique criteria including revenue, revenue growth, payment platforms used, and more. 

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Access and enrich your CRM with dynamic, underwriting-quality intel about business identity and financial health. 

Automatically qualify, onboard, and score leads with a real-world view on size and value.

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Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities among your existing customers. 

Focus your resources on the right accounts so that you can accelerate growth and reduce churn.

Use Cases

Identify and grow your top customers

ICP & Segment Definition 

Better define your ideal customer by tapping into Enigma’s dynamic, underwriting-quality info on card revenues, transaction sizes, processing volumes, and granular industries at any point across a business’s journey back to 2017

Account Management

Unlock new opportunities for growth by using Enigma’s trigger and event-based data to truly understand your customers. With this knowledge, you can upsell and cross-sell complementary products, build loyalty, and reduce churn.

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Use Cases

Boost inbound and outbound ROI

Inbound Lead Prioritization

Optimize conversion opportunities by prioritizing inbound leads via Enigma’s data on near-real-time revenue and transaction volume. Accelerate growth and maximize results: customers have found 2-3x higher ROI on campaigns targeted with Enigma's data.

Outbound Lead Generation

Reach leads with Enigma’s unparalleled nationwide coverage of contact information on every business in the US, with phone numbers, emails, and addresses available for more than 40% of open businesses, from Main Street businesses to enterprises.