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Attribute Catalog

A detailed breakdown of the industries and sub-industries that a business belongs to, based on Enigma’s industry taxonomy. Equivalent to a 4-6 digit NAICS code. Can signal how a business is impacted by the current economic environment.
Business operating status as open or closed as reported across web sources. Signals business distress.
Flag of bankruptcy record, specific bankruptcy code chapter, and date of filing. Signals business distress.
A business must notify the state if it plans to lay off 50 employees (number varies by state), representing over 33% of its workforce. We provide WARN Notice record, date, and number of employees laid off. Leading indicator of business distress.
Flag of contract record, government level (city, state, or federal), agency, date, and amount. Long government contracts can signal business stability and recent contracts can highlight businesses in need of financing to service their contracts.
Operations Description - Industry Specific
Detail on the nature of a business’s operations specific to its industry. Can signal the impact of the current economic environment on a business. Example: Does the business do delivery or takeout? (Y/N)
Verification Score
Enigma's confidence that a business exists and is in good standing; computed using several verification components: data freshness, footprint, source and business activity; [0 -1]. This is a decision attribute.
International Shipment Imports
All businesses importing goods must share shipping manifests with the government. We report a business's shipping activity from each country, week over week. Comparison of shipping volumes over time can signal growth or decline of a business’s activity.
SBA Loans
Flag of 7(a) or 504 Small Business Administration presence of loan records, number and value active, number and value charged off, loan status, and approval date. Example: 1 loan of $1M; Paid-In-Full; 2017-10-01. [COMING SOON]
OSHA Violations and Inspections
Businesses are regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). We detail the business's lifetime of inspections as well as information about any violations, the standards violated, and any associated penalties.
Firearms Licenses
Details related to any firearms licenses the business has, including license year issue, type, and expiration date.
Construction Licenses
A list of contractor licenses held by the business in different states, including license types, status, and expiration dates.
Yelp Presence
Yelp page URLs that are associated with the business.
All variants of the company name and 'dba' along with the source dataset(s) for each variant.
A list of addresses associated with the business.
Employee Identification Numbers is the Tax Identification Number associated to the company.
Phone Numbers
A list of phone numbers associated with the matched business.
A list of websites associated with the matched business.
Company Decription
Description of the business and its main activities.
Associated People
A list of related people and their relation to the matched business.
Registered Agents
A list of registered agent names wherein the business is designated to receive the service of a process related to a legal matter.
Year Incorporated
Year of earliest incorporation date found in our sources.
Corporate Structure
The legal structure under which the business is incorporated.
Estimated headcount range for the business based on available sources.
Industry Classification - High Level
High-level industry classification for the business.
NAICS 2-Digit Code
NAICS classification of the business at the 2-digit level.
Collecting raw data icon

Collecting raw data

Delivering fresh, reliable small business data starts with sourcing the right raw data. We collect our data from thousands of public and proprietary sources, pulling from federal, state, and local government sources, including each state’s Secretary of State and professional licensing divisions, the SEC, IRS, and many more. We then combine this data with proprietary information from the industry's best data companies and online data to map a business’ digital footprint.

Transforming data into attributes icon

Transforming data into attributes

One of the biggest technical challenges we face is transforming the vast quantities of raw data we collect into trustworthy business attributes. We look at businesses from every angle—the people they employ, the locations where they operate, the vendors they work with, and the key events in their history. Our models incorporate the trustworthiness of each data source, as well as the strength of the connections between a business and related entities.

We’ve honed our data processing infrastructure to minimize latency, ensuring our data updates rapidly, stays as close to source truth as possible, and is precisely matched to a unique Enigma ID. This hyper-granular data model enables our data scientists to extract novel and predictive small business insights within days.

Validating every detail icon

Validating every detail

To ensure the accuracy and freshness of our data, we use a unique hybrid approach that combines offline (official public records) and online (digitally collected) sources. This allows us to cover more businesses than any traditional source while providing the accuracy needed for cases that require regulatory scrutiny.

Official public records help us to understand how a business presents itself to regulators, delivering risk insight in cases where web-scraped, self-reported, or crowd-sourced records fail. Our proprietary entity resolution technology uses machine learning and deep industry knowledge to triangulate multiple online sources on the fly, reducing lag times and giving you a reliable and complete view of any small business, instantly.