Customer Stories

Explore how Enigma’s financial health data is helping teams make better decisions about their small business customers.

Customer Stories - Prioritize Leads Save $5M - compressed
Boost Marketing Success

Top Credit Provider Prioritizes Marketing Leads to Save $5M

How a top-5 SMB credit provider optimized its campaign list for better-fit applicants and saw a 33% increase in approval rates

Customer Stories - Uncovers $7M Revenue - compressed
Increase Worthy Underwriting Approvals

Top Credit Card Issuer Uncovers $7.5M in Revenue with Enigma Data

How a top-10 small business card issuer increased underwriting approvals without raising risk

Customer Stories - Increase Models 25- compressed
Increase Credit Lines Safely

Top 10 SMB Lender Improves Risk Model Accuracy by 25%

How a lender safely increased credit lines to generate $30 million in expected incremental revenue in the first year

Customer Stories - Open or Closed compressed
Validate Business Data

Open or Closed? Verifying Business Status with Enigma Data

How a company with points of interest data confirmed which businesses in its database had closed down — without manual research

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Remove Noise for Sales Teams

Maximizing Relationship Manager Effectiveness with Enigma Enrich

How a go-to-market team found and prioritized its most promising accounts for better sales outcomes

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Find Ideal Customers

Discovering $8.9M in Revenue with Smarter Prospect Lists

How a go-to-market team finds new ideal customers each month